Landscaping & Architectural Gardens

The Aloha team has over 25 years of experience in concrete and landscaping. We specialise in a variety of landscaping aspects, including gardens, patios, pool surrounds, patios, decking, ponds and more. We also grow and install stunning dragon trees that can transform your garden and provide a unique centrepiece to your outdoor space.  If you have a landscaping or architectural garden project in mind, then we can help you make it a reality!

From the initial consultation all the way through to the implementation of the landscaping plan, our professional Forster Tuncurry landscaping team has the needed skills and experience to make it happen. Whether you want a simple garden of green turf and established plants, or an exotic swimming pool retreat with bamboo screens & vibrant-coloured plants, we can do it all! We can help you create a landscape design plan or work with interior and exterior designers & architectural drawings to create an outdoor space that is both functional and extremely beautiful.

Contact us now to see how we can help you create your dream landscape, or keep reading to learn more about our landscaping services.

Stunning Dragon Trees for Your Landscape

Dragon trees, also known by their Latin name Dracaena Draco, are beautiful sub-tropical trees native to warm climates such as the Canary Islands, Western Morrocco, Cape Verde, Socotra islands & Yemen. It is closely related to the dragon blood tree. These breathtaking evergreen trees have a very beautiful and unique branch growth pattern with every tree being different in size, shape and structure of arms.These fascinating trees create a great focal point for your garden. The dragon tree blood / sap has many medicinal properties and is used for gastro intestinal disorders and was used back in Egyptian times for incense and insect repellent. Italian violin makers would use the sap to tint and stain the timber red.

But these trees are not just interesting to look at! Choosing to plant these magnificent dragon trees on your property is a wise investment. Mature trees can fetch from $10,000 up and are highly sort after as they are very slow growing, non invasive and clean, so no mess around your pool. They are drought-resistant and water-conserving trees that make a perfect sustainable choice for any landscape.

If you want to incorporate these stunning trees into your landscape, contact us today!

Our Expertise in Dragon Trees

Our expert landscaping team are highly experienced in sourcing and growing dragon trees. Our dragon trees are single origin and grown from seed. Each tree is completely unique and we grown them in-ground to create a thicker trunk and solid root foundation, which prevents pot-bound roots or pot disease. 

For over 15 years Jesse has been watching and taking care of these plants, from a seedling all the way up to mature trees. Our dragon trees are crafted from a young age to become some of the thickest trunk trees on the market. 

Our expert landscaping team can also determine the best location for planting your dragon tree. These incredible trees love full sun, well draining soil and raised planter boxes. Our team will factor this in when recommending where it should be placed in your garden whilst also ensuring that it adds to the beauty of your existing landscape. 

Creating Your Perfect Landscape

The Aloha landscaping team can help you design and implement your dream landscape plan to create the perfect garden for you! We provide a wide range of landscaping services, such as excavation earthworks, surface drainage, erosion control, instant turf, as well as supply and installation of plants from small to established trees. We can also construct retaining walls ranging from gabion cages, stone walls, block walls, form-worked concrete walls & concrete sleeper walls. 

We work closely with you to understand your vision and ensure that everything works out in a way that makes you happy. Our design services help you to plan out key details of your landscape, tailoring it to you and your lifestyle.

Our design process is carefully set out to ensure that everything is straightforward and runs smoothly for you.

First, we have a consultation that usually lasts around one hour. During this consultation, we sketch out the area you are planning to work on and discuss the appearance and functionality of the finished product. At this point, we will also discuss which materials you would like us to use, including colours and design styles.

Secondly, the sketches go to the architect / designers who will discuss your desired outcome and approximate budget. The architect may need to visit the site to ensure that the plans will work out the way you desire. Once that is all confirmed, we can move on to the exciting part!

The final step is preparing the materials and starting construction of your beautiful new landscape! Our expert Aloha landscaping team works hard to create beautiful, functional, sustainable landscapes. If you want to implement your own tailor-made landscape design, then get in touch with us today!

Keeping Your Landscape Beautiful and Healthy

Once your beautiful landscape is complete, we can help you to keep it looking it’s best for years to come! We offer professional landscape maintenance to take care of both your home and garden.  

Our expert maintenance includes a variety of services including tree pruning, lawn mowing, fence repairs, drainage repairs, decking repairs, concrete repairs, high pressure water cleaning and lawn care.